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Den Bradshaw


Den Bradshaw – Owner/Client Liaison
Creative Direction / Marketing Consulting 

Den Bradshaw has 20 years of experience in the creation of digital media and technology. From his beginnings as a respected 3D Character Animator, Den quickly progressed to running teams of artists and animators. In 2000, Den moved into the world of Internet Startups, working with tech teams on the development of new technology for the blossoming “world wide web.”  Since then he has been directly involved in the management, architecture, development, and design of over 200 websites, as well as numerous desktop and mobile applications.

Den has also worked as a marketing consultant with top online marketing and self-help “gurus”, including Eben Pagan, Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, and Yanik Silver.  Den excels at creating strategies, “visioneering”, and managing both the client and team side of projects from beginning to end. He has his degree in Philosophy from UCLA and is a member of Mensa. In 2010 Den began providing his consulting services to Fortune 500 companies by doing Corporate Developmental Training and Corporate Team Building Events. He works to bond teams with his company, Team TuneUp!

Emil Ediet


Emil Ediet– Team Manager
Project Management & Team Development 

Emil Ediet has over 12 years of experience building web properties and managing technology teams.  In 2000, Emil built the top web development company in Serbia – Eklektika. Having managed everything from small sites for individuals to enormous database drive systems for companies like Nokia and U.S. Steel, Emil has a strong understanding of the technical and creative requirements to pull of almost any project.

Ivan “Dexter”


Ivan Dexter – Director of Technology
PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Software Engineering 

Dex is a programming genius.  With the ability to architect highly complex database systems, dynamic websites and mobile applications, he is our secret weapon when it comes to technological development.  PHP, Ajax, MySQL, Html, CSS, mobile applications… He’s earned the right to be called “Dexter”!

Jelena S.


Jelena S. – Lead Artist
Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design

Jelena is an amazingly talented artist, whose skills range from web design to illustration to traditional mediums.  She has the unusual ability to change her style on the fly to match the particular needs of a client, whether clean and professional, fun and funky, or strong and corporate… Jelena is a fast and cutting edge artist and designer who has the chops to deliver time and time again.

Marko P.


Marko P. – Project Manager
Project Management & Internal Coordination 

Highly organized and an excellent communicator, Marko has a natural ability to see the entire arc of a project, and keep all the team members right where they need to be to deliver on time.  He has a sense of humor and strong work ethic that delivers results.



Aleksandar “Sasha” – Web Programmer
HTML, CSS & CMS Development

Aleks “Sasha” is a dedicated HTML programmer and web developer who has excellent communication skills.  He’s well versed in customizing blogs and other CMS systems, as well as building pages from the ground up.  Easy to work with and always a great attitude, Alex is a valuable asset to the team.

Milos M.


Milos M. – Database Programmer
PHP, MySQL, Java, CSS, etc.

Milos M. is a very skilled database programmer with experience architecting complex systems as well as customizing existing sites and online applications. He adds balance to our team and allows us to quickly build large customized systems.

Milos P.


Milos P. – Flash Developer
Design, Flash Development, Actionscript

Milos P. is our resident Flash guru, with the ability to build amazing presentations and animated interactive projects, Milos helps us breath life into dynamic and ‘creative’ sites. Pulling together the programming of the Adobe Flash ActionScript language, and the design skills requisite to work with this highly visual medium.

Milica V.


Milica V. – Graphic Designer
Design, Illustration, Photoshop & Web

Milica has an excellent eye for design… She can take client input from concept to reality very quickly… Easy to work with and quick with her skills, she’s a valuable asset to our design team!

Sanja Pecaranin


Sanja Pecaranin – Office Administration

Sanja helps keep everything running smoothly, helping with both the day-to-day operations as well as international permits and transactions.

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