Travel Hosting Enterprise System

Design, GUI, PHP, AJAX, xHTML, CSS, Java

JumpStay takes the concept of travel hosting to a whole new level.  Rather than staying renting from or staying with a complete stranger, the custom built interest matching engine fulfills the promise that you can “Stay Places You Like, With People Like You!”.

We designed, branded and coded this entire (huge, complex, sophisticated) system from the ground up.  It allows individuals to build profiles for themselves as well as profiles for their properties.  Users can network, add friends, leave detailed reviews of properties and guests, and the system also handles all transactions between guests, the company, and the property owners.  Both properties, guests and owners have interests specified that allow for the most relevant and compelling matches.

Integration of Map Views using the Google API allow owners to specify their address, and what level of detail to show prospective tenants.  All profiles also provide the options of including images, videos, and testimonials as well as reviews.

Keep your eye on JumpStay, they are going to become the next big name in travel hosting!