Custom Built Recruiting and Social Networking System

Graphic Design, PHP, AJAX, xHTML, CSS, Mobile App is a clever company with a simple yet sophisticated concept: Only the top 2% of college athletes are actively recruited. helps the other 98% of high school athletes learn how to prepare and promote themselves to try to get into a better college using their athletic ability… And for some, to even get scholarships that they would never have had access to.

To help founder Justin Szabo realize his vision, we built a system that allows students to build out highly detailed academic and athletic profiles, including yearly statistics for their sport and position, grades, photos, videos, awards as well as results from ScoutMe’s proprietary athletic profiling tests (administered at in-person events).  Students can then search a national database of colleges based on a number of criteria, and express their interest in that school’s athletic programs.

College coaches also have profiles, and have the ability to look at the profiles of prospective student athletes who have expressed an interest in their athletic program.

The system even has automatically generated college profiles and college sports profiles for every college and university in the country!  Coaches of those programs can then claim their respective page and customize aspects of it to more accurately reflect their program.

The result is a seamless system that facilitates the introduction of promising but unknown student athletes with college coaches…

Check out the site at (and if you know a high school student athlete, send them there immediately!)