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Emil Ediet


Emil Ediet– Team Manager
Project Management & Team Development 

Emil Ediet has over 12 years of experience building web properties and managing technology teams.  In 2000, Emil built the top web development company in Serbia – Eklektika. Having managed everything from small sites for individuals to enormous database drive systems for companies like Nokia and U.S. Steel, Emil has a strong understanding of the technical and creative requirements to pull of almost any project.

Quote Kim Jacobson


“This Just Rocks! Wow.  Thanks!”

Kim Jacobson, Program Director
Maverick Business Adventures 

Quote Amy Ballard


“Tony LOOOOVED your sales page. Raved about it! That is a huge win”

Amy Ballard-Porterfield
Marketing Director, Tony Robbins Company

David DeAngelo


Advice Guru & Dating Advice Legend
Double Your Dating/Hot Topic Media

“KILLER work on the GM stuff… Fast, efficient, and to the point.  Again, awesome work on this stuff… thanks”
“Great work on this launch!  another one that went off nicely… Thanks for helping to make this one a success, I really appreciate it.”

 Eben Pagan
a.k.a. David DeAngelo 


Andrew Way


Marketing & Affiliate Guru
Owner, South Swell Marketing


“I don’t know anyone in possession of more technical wizardry (plus a sharp as hell marketing eye)”

“I won’t go into all the amazing stuff I’ve seen Den build.  Just trust me, the guy’s a miracle man.”

Andrew Way

Case Study: JumpStay


Travel Hosting Enterprise System

Design, GUI, PHP, AJAX, xHTML, CSS, Java

JumpStay takes the concept of travel hosting to a whole new level.  Rather than staying renting from or staying with a complete stranger, the custom built interest matching engine fulfills the promise that you can “Stay Places You Like, With People Like You!”.

We designed, branded and coded this entire (huge, complex, sophisticated) system from the ground up.  It allows individuals to build profiles for themselves as well as profiles for their properties.  Users can network, add friends, leave detailed reviews of properties and guests, and the system also handles all transactions between guests, the company, and the property owners.  Both properties, guests and owners have interests specified that allow for the most relevant and compelling matches.

Integration of Map Views using the Google API allow owners to specify their address, and what level of detail to show prospective tenants.  All profiles also provide the options of including images, videos, and testimonials as well as reviews.

Keep your eye on JumpStay, they are going to become the next big name in travel hosting!

“The Secret Behind ‘Ugly’ Marketing…”


An Internet Insider Reveals Why Your Marketing Budget
May Be Funding Someone ELSE’s Business…

I probably shouldn’t be writing this letter to you…

You see, I know a lot of marketers and designers who probably don’t want me to tell you what I’m about to say. Hopefully I don’t end up on some ‘Internet Marketer Hit List’ for telling you that:

You Are Probably Wasting Most Of Your Marketing Dollars.

There. I said it.

I know because… Well… I used to waste people’s money too.

NOT intentionally of course. I had the best of intentions. (more…)


Case Study: Florida Body


Custom Built Blog
Graphic Design, xHTML, CSS

We built FloridaBody.com for renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Bill Eschbaugh, and incorporates a content management system (CMS) that allows the staff to update pages.  Integrating a modern yet clean design with a warm and welcoming feel. The logo was developed for a sense of elegance, modernity and prestige.  The photography of Dr. Eshbaugh was done on site in Florida. Click the link below to take a closer look at this site.

Visit Site


Case Study: ScoutMe


Custom Built Recruiting and Social Networking System

Graphic Design, PHP, AJAX, xHTML, CSS, Mobile App

ScoutMe.com is a clever company with a simple yet sophisticated concept: Only the top 2% of college athletes are actively recruited.  ScoutMe.com helps the other 98% of high school athletes learn how to prepare and promote themselves to try to get into a better college using their athletic ability… And for some, to even get scholarships that they would never have had access to.

To help founder Justin Szabo realize his vision, we built a system that allows students to build out highly detailed academic and athletic profiles, including yearly statistics for their sport and position, grades, photos, videos, awards as well as results from ScoutMe’s proprietary athletic profiling tests (administered at in-person events).  Students can then search a national database of colleges based on a number of criteria, and express their interest in that school’s athletic programs.

College coaches also have profiles, and have the ability to look at the profiles of prospective student athletes who have expressed an interest in their athletic program.

The system even has automatically generated college profiles and college sports profiles for every college and university in the country!  Coaches of those programs can then claim their respective page and customize aspects of it to more accurately reflect their program.

The result is a seamless system that facilitates the introduction of promising but unknown student athletes with college coaches…

Check out the site at www.ScoutMe.com (and if you know a high school student athlete, send them there immediately!)

Ivan “Dexter”


Ivan Dexter – Director of Technology
PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Software Engineering 

Dex is a programming genius.  With the ability to architect highly complex database systems, dynamic websites and mobile applications, he is our secret weapon when it comes to technological development.  PHP, Ajax, MySQL, Html, CSS, mobile applications… He’s earned the right to be called “Dexter”!

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